The Collections of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust are full of treasures - they can be important, beautiful, tantalising, sometimes unique or very rare. They are all fascinating in different ways - explore some of our best treasures below. Some of them can be seen in the Famous Beyond Words exhibition and the Treasures exhibition at Shakespeare's Birthplace and others in the Shakespeare houses or the Library and Archive. Each entry gives details of where the item can be found.

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  • The Hathaway Bed

    Carved bedstead with Hathaway family connections

    Anne Hathaway's

  • Tagore Plaque

    An ivory tablet engraved with a poem written in 1916 in Begali, for the Tercentenary of Shakespeare's death, by the great Indian poet Rabindranath…

    Library and Archive

  • A Posy Trencher, late 1500s

    One of a set of twelve posy trenchers in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Collections. Inscribed: ‘Who in the life, of his soule doth delight his…

    Library and Archive

  • Chrismatory with three oil bottles, c. 1500

    A chrismatory designed to hold the three oils blessed by a bishop on Holy Thursday.

    Library and Archive

  • Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Medal

    A medallion struck in 1964 to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth. Designed especially for the Trust by artist Paul…

    Library and Archive

  • Plutarch's Lives of the noble Grecians and Romans

    One of Shakespeare's major sources with a fascinating history

    Library and Archive

  • Medicine Chest

    A wooden chest dating from around c.1600 .

    Library and Archive

  • Large Stoneware Jug

    A beautiful household object dating from around c.1550 .

    Library and Archive

  • Commemorative Tankard, 1769

    This carved, mulberry wood tankard with silver handle and lining was made to commemorate a special Jubilee that took place in Stratford-upon-Avon in…

    Library and Archive

  • Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth I

    A wax impression of the great seal of Queen Elizabeth I, 1558 – 1603.

    Library and Archive