David Garrick's Mulberry Wood Medallion

A medallion presented to David Garrick to commemorate the event which put Stratford-upon-Avon on the map

This medallion was presented to David Garrick by the Town Clerk of Stratford, William Hunt.  Garrick also received a Mulberry wood wand.  Garrick was a renowned actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer.  At the time Garrick was the most famous actor of his day. 

The gifts were to acknowledge Garrick’s role as Steward of a Jubilee he had organised in the town 1769.  The Jubilee was initially intended as a celebration to open Stratford’s new Town Hall.  Garrick had donated a statue of Shakespeare to be revealed at the opening and began to plan entertainment to celebrate the occasion.  These plans soon turned the event into a three-day celebration of William Shakespeare and his work. 

The festival started well but Stratford soon struggled to cope with the number of visitors.  By the second day it had started to rain heavily.  Most of the planned events were either called off or ruined by the weather. 

Despite its problems, the Jubilee catapulted Stratford and Shakespeare's Birthplace onto the map.  It was to have a huge influence on the development and identity of the town in later years.