Introductory lecture on any play

Editions of Shakespeare's plays

Venue: The Shakespeare Centre

Price : From £8.00 per participant

This session is suitable for two levels. It can take the form of a pre-performance lecture, setting up the group for the play to be seen, this will consider the dramatic challenges of the play, and consider taking the play from page to stage. The session will also give students an idea of what to look out for in the production. This lecture usually assumes some knowledge of the play unless you have requested otherwise.  

We can also offer a introductory level lecture perfect for groups who are not already familiar with a play to be seen. This will cover plot, character, narrative and theme.

Please indicate your group's level of experience at the time of booking. 


"Very lively and engaging presentation.  Helpful explanation of plot and character.  Good interaction of speaker and audience, prompting impassioned debate." Memorial High School, Texas (Select Travel)