Shakespeare 2016

Find out about our celebrations to mark 400 years of Shakespeare's legacy in 2016.

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New Chapter for New Place

Find out more about our world-class transformation of Shakespeare's adult home.

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The Merchant of Venice

Join us for a fund-raising event marking 500 years since the start of the Jewish ghetto in Venice.

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Venice Grand Canal

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  • Shakespeare's Birthplace

    Shakespeare's Birthplace

    Become part of the Shakespeare story

    A perfect introduction to William Shakespeare's Works, Life and Times.

  • Mary Arden's Farm

    Mary Arden's Farm

    Mother and folklore

    Discover all the sights, sounds and smells of an authentic Tudor farm.

  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens

    Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens

    Love and marriage

    Fall in love with the childhood home of Shakespeare's wife.

  • Hall's Croft

    Hall's Croft

    Daughter and granddaughter

    Elegant home of Susanna Shakespeare and her husband Dr John Hall.

  • Harvard House

    Harvard House

    Stratford's hidden gem

    A beautiful Elizabethan town house in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon.

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As You Like It, Act 5 Scene 3