How Friends Support the Trust

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is a charity that receives no direct government funding. This means we rely on funds raised through our Friends, donors and visitors.

Funds raised through the Friends have enabled us to buy valuable items for our world class collections as well as supporting the ongoing care and conservation of the Shakespeare Houses and Gardens. We are also very grateful to the Friends for supporting our education and outreach work.

Pictured below: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust portrait, believed to be the earliest copy of the Cobbe Portrait of Shakespeare, was bought with the help of the Friends in 2010

With your support we can continue to look after our houses and collections and continue with our education and outreach work.  

The Houses

Our work includes the interpretation and care of five of the houses associated with Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, including the house where he was born. These domestic dwellings offer a tantalising glimpse into the world that Shakespeare knew.

Thousands of people walk through these houses each year, making their own pilgrimage to Stratford. However all these footsteps take a toll and these 500 year old houses are in need of constant care and conservation.


The Library, Archives and Collections

Our internationally important collection includes almost half of the surviving documents that relate to Shakespeare, rare books of the kind Shakespeare knew and used, many objects from his time and the archive of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Our library holds over 55,000 books and is a major centre of activity and research for academics and students. We offer courses and lectures on a variety of subjects throughout the year led by leading experts on the field of Shakespeare.


Education and Events

The Trust also organises and hosts dozens of events throughout the year at each property that allow visitors of all ages and interests a chance to engage with Shakespeare's works and times.

In 2011, enjoy a new calendar of events, with some exclusive opportunities for Friends that will increase your enjoyment and understanding of the world's greatest playwright. 

To become a Friend and supporter of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust or for more information please use one of the links below. Thank you.