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Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens

Love and marriage

Interior of Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Anne Hathaway's Cottage garden

Discover where the young William Shakespeare courted his future bride Anne Hathaway at her picturesque family home.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage is a thatched farmhouse containing many original items of family furniture, including the Hathaway Bed. It is nestled within stunning grounds and gardens, overflowing with fragrant blooms and traditional shrubs.

The cottage is in the hamlet of Shottery, which is just over one mile from the town centre and can be accessed via a pleasant, well sign-posted footpath.

Highlights at Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens

Explore the realities of trying to find a husband or a wife in our new Tudor Courtship exhibition.

Seek out our remarkable giant willow creations around the cottage gardens.

Relax in our Cottage Garden Cafe, offering a range of hot and cold meals and refreshments (open from 10am).


Children's Activities

Be sure to look out for the latest puzzles, quizzes and trails to help bring your visit to life!

Seasonal trails run around the cottage and grounds through out the year.

Family Activities Marquee. Open weekends and holidays, come and enjoy our nature themed Family Activity Marquee with brass rubbings, nature quests, crafts and other make and take activities for all ages.

Family Architecture Detectives. Can you guess what the quirky architectural oddities are around the cottage? Work as a family to figure out what our oddities were, and what they would have been used for.

Object Mystery Eye Spy. Use the picture clues and match up the photograph with the object around the cottage. You will have to look high and low to match them up.

During the spring and summer:

Explore our butterfly trail, with specially created conservation borders designed to attract a broad variety of butterflies. Stroll along our beautiful sweet pea trail, at its best in the height of summer, and enjoy a riot of colour and scent. 


See a map of the cottage gardens.

Want to see more? Take an online tour of the parlour and the bedrooms at Anne Hathaway's Cottage.



Tickets and location

Save on tickets with the Town, Cottage and Farm Pass; including entry to all of Shakespeare’s family homes and Shakespeare’s final resting place at Holy Trinity Church.  

Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens can be reached via a pleasant 1.3 mile walk from the town centre. Download the route of how to get to here from the town centre.

22 Cottage Lane,
CV37 9HH
Tel: 01789 338532

Dogs are welcome in the gardens at Anne Hathaway's Cottage, provided they are accompanied and on a lead.


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> Take a Video Tour of Shakespeare's Family Homes


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You can also read our latest press release regarding a proposed development in Shottery by visiting our Press Releases section.

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 Anne Hathaway's cottage gardens

Highlights at Anne Hathaway's Cottage


Enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful cottage gardens and traditional orchards cared for by our award winning gardening team.